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Sharing Air with Paul, for Diane

When you fall in love at 11 with someone,who, when it all comes down to it, does nothing bad or worse than you’ve done in your own life, there’s precious little the object of your affection could do that would truly disappoint you Continue reading

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Again, Happy Hand Holding Day

It’s such a non-starter.  With me, it’s always a non-starter. I took a filmmaking class at the world-renowned Newhouse School of Communications while at Syracuse University in the 70s (when education was still education).  The project was to create a … Continue reading

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Happy Hand Holding Day, World

The idea was simple, elegant even. The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco has named Sunday, July 24 as “Hand Holding Day”.,7340,L-4098948,00.html I wanted to video a “hand holding day” protest at the fountain here in Santa Rosa. People … Continue reading

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Cassandra Calling

That’s the nice thing about being a lone voice crying out in the Wilderness;,that I can speak my mind, and be the cranky old crackpot, piling verbiage on w_?ailing? w_?hining? w_?hat was I thinking? The Masters of Money Seek to … Continue reading

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This is my new program

I’m starting a new program today; I have access to a new laptop, and my intention is to use it to focus on producing, which means articles for the Dem Club, news for, and a daily entry for my … Continue reading

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