#Oscars Tonight: and the Award goes to:

And the Oscar Goes To
Thanks to http://www.slashfilm.com/2015-oscar-winners/ for the visual assist.

17:56 First winner of the year, first one out of the gate is J.K. Simmons, for WHIPLASH.

18:08 And the first big winner among the films is THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, winning for Costume and Make-up.

Congratulations to Milena Canonero for Costume Design, and Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier for their make-up and hairstyling.  I was not enamored of THE GRAND BUDAPESH HOTEL, I avoided it once, snubbed it once and then went on in, the third time around.  Word of mouth had been not been as good as I’d originally thought, it was pretty to look at, but insubstantial as a dance, lovely to engage in, enchanting while it’s going on, but nothing left to hang on to when it’s over.  So it’s entirely appropriate that the look and feel of the film should get the first awards tonight.


18:16 The next Academy Award goes to Poland, for Best Foreign-Lanugage film, for IDA.

18:25 Word on the Facebook is that Clint Eastwood has just arrived.  Glad to be missing this one.

18:28 Now they’re doing the short films.  The Summerfield Theater here in Santa Rosa has been very good over the past few years of showing the shorts and animated films every year, but over the past few years, I’ve only ever been able to afford to go to one, so I no less than nothing about the short films this year.

  • Live Action Short Film – The Phone Call
  • Documentary Short Subject– Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Congratulations to Mat Kirkby, James Lucas. Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry on your night of nights!

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